Department & Ministry Leadership 2013-2014


Pastor & Wife

Charles & Donna Petty

Associates Ministers & Wives

Bobby & Montenna Porter

William & Geraldine Beard

Lee & Shae Eason

Steve & Naomi Wiley

Chris & Ashley Young

Deacons & Deacons Wives

Elliot & Brenda Burrell, Velma Brent,

Oscar Daniels Jr., Daryl & Nikki Davis,

Dave & Marion Duffy, Terrance & Adrienne Ellis,

Edward & Rosalind Landers,

Lonnie & Lela Sanders, Gerod & Betty Sawyer,

Tommy & Kathleen Smith,

Everett & Patricia Williams

Inactive Deacons and Deacons Wives

Robert & Sheree Lee

Administration Leader
Administration Assistant Linda Heath
Building Custodian Robert Lee
Church Clerk Shae Eason

Velma Brent, Shirley Brown, Lonnie Sanders, Kathleen Smith, and Wendy Campbell

Ministries Leader
Angel Mime TeamAngel Step Team Jasmine Porter and Markita Gross
Angel Tree Ministry Linda Heath
Baptism Everett & Patricia Williams
Bereaved Ministry O.D Lester Jr.
Children’s Church Youth Ministry Team
College Adoption Ministry Vacant
College Prep Geraldine Beard
Community Outreach MinistryEnrichment (COME) Gerod & Betty Sawyer
DVD/Video Ministry Elliott Burrell
Deacons Chairperson Daryl Davis
Deacons Wives Chairperson Betty Sawyer
Drama Ministry Anete Foster
Food Pantry Coordinator Terrance Ellis
Kitchen Ministry Oscar Daniels Jr.
Laymen Ministry Lonnie Sanders
Lighthouse Newsletter Ministry Michele Tyson
Long Term Planning Tommie Smith
Marquee Ministry Leon Foster
Minster of Education, Bible School Director, Sunday School Superintendent Shirley Brown, Rev. William Beard, and Daryl Davis
Minister of Music, Choir President (Administrative), Organist/Asst Min. of Music, Choir Director, Angel Choir, Youth/Young Adult Male Chorus Vacant, Montenna Porter, Cozy Mitcham, Montenna Porter, Mary Allen, Rev. Chris &Ashley Young, Darnell Henry
New Member Information Coordinator Linda Heath
Nursery Ministry Kimberly Petty
Paradise Marketing, Ground Sarah Harrison, Michael Obbs
Prayer Service Coordinator Vacant
Projection Ministry Terrance Ellis
Public Relations Coordinator Linda Heath
Recreation Ministry Oscar Daniels Jr.
Sound/Audio System Lucretia McQueen
Usher’s Ministry Michele Tyson
Van Ministry David Evans, Michael Obbs, Anthony Johnson & Courtney Hughes
Van Ministry Coordinator/Scheduler Lorraine Chambers
Website Rosalind Landers
Women Ministry Naomi Wiley
Young Adult Ministry Rev. Chris & Ashley Young
Youth Minister Min. Lee Eason
Youth & Young Adult Step/Mine Team (13 & up) Min. Lee Eason
Mothers of the Church Maggie Franklin, Georgia Harper, Daisy Eason


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