Church History


May 1971-    Joseph Speech, Pastor of New Zion Baptist Church, left with sixteen (16) members (Church split)

July 1971 –  Joseph Speech and the sixteen members met with the Executive Director (Darwin Welch) of Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention to discuss support for establishing Southern Baptist Church.

September 1971 – Second Baptist Church – Ogden was established with the support and aid coming from the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention. An old LDS Ward Building was purchased with a $15,000 loan from the Home Mission Board.

October 1971 – Other Southern Baptist Churches in the area provided funds, Bibles, Hymns, furniture and services needed to develop the physical and spiritual growth of the Church, as well as Church development.

January 21, 1972– The Second Baptist Church – Ogden was officially incorporated.

February 1972 – Organ and Piano were donated and a choir was organized by Mother Bessie Malone (a member of the New Zion Baptist Church). She maintained her membership at New Zion while providing services at both Churches.

March 1972– Pastor Speech was instrumental in providing the Ogden Community with a Sunday evening radio program.

August 1972– Pastor Speech left the Second Baptist Church and Utah, to return to his home state of Texas.

September 1972 – The Church struggled without the leadership of a Pastor. The small flock
February 1973 dwindled down to three (3) members. Many potential shepherds came, only to remain for a short period of time.

March 1973 – Rev. Cal Carter was called to Pastor the Second Baptist Church. Under his
January 1975 leadership, a Daycare Center at the Church was established, which enabled the Church to financially keep its doors open.

January 1975 – Rev. James Gates was called to serve as Interim Pastor.
April 1975


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