Church History 1975-1994


June 1975 –    Second Baptist Church called Willie F. Martin as their Pastor. Under his

November 1984-  leadership, the Church began to grow and prosper. The lost were saved

and ministries were established to take care of those new Christians. Second Baptist Church went from a low of three (3) members to seventy-five (75) members during this time frame.

 November 1984 – Second Baptist Church was without a Pastor and only had one elderly

March 1985-  Deacon. Other local Churches from the National Baptist Convention came in to help establish a Deacon Ministry. Two local ministers were asked to serve as Interim Pastors.

 January 7, 1985-   Second Baptist Church, with the support of the local National Baptist Churches, ordained five (5) Deacons.

March 1985-  A business meeting was held for the purpose of calling a Pastor. That meeting ended in total confusion and much hurt on behalf of the membership.

 April 1985- Charles Petty, a former member who had been called into the ministry and was attending Bible College, was called as Interim Pastor.

 April 1985 –A great degree of healing occurred.

July 1985-

 July 1985-  Another business meeting was held for the purpose of calling a Pastor. The call was extended to Charles Petty and several weeks later, he accepted the calling.

December 1985- William S. Beard was the first Minister licensed.

 July 1988-  First Ministers ordained at Second Baptist Church were William Beard and Walter Evans.

 December 1989 –Mortgage Burning.

 March – July 1990-Major Church Renovation, including a handicap ramp ($60,000.00)

 February 1992 –8:00 A.M. Morning Worship Service was established.

 March 1992 – Ordained four (4) Deacons.

 March 1994- Ordained Tony Simmons and Mark Davis into the gospel ministry

 May 1994-Ordained four (4) additional Deacons.


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